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Monday, 12 March 2012

Crafty Trip To SECC

Wow!  What a day!  On Friday,  I had the pleasure of going to the Hobbycrafts show at the SECC in Glasgow with my friend Gill McCall and another lady, Cynthia.

We left at Inverness just after 6am, which meant I had to be up at 4.30, to leave my house at 5.30 to get up to Inverness in time.  So it was a really early start!  We had a nice trip down the road, thankfully there weren't any numpties on the road!!

Once we got to the SECC at 9.30, we got a take-away hot chocolate and headed into the main hall.

A tradition Gill has started is to make a batch of home made Scottish tablet for Anthony and Paul at the Princess Pinflair stand.  They love it.....and so do I!  It's so yummy!  Full of sugar....but delicious!  So with a jar full of tablet weighing down the shopping bags, we headed to the Pinflair stand.....and ended up staying for nearly an hour!!  It was lovely to catch up with Anthony and Paul and to have a good wander.  Spent a few pennies there too!

Now that Gill's bag was lighter from the tablet (thankfully the boys offered to keep Gills shopping until we were leaving as it was so heavy with all the glue she was buying!)  we were ready to have a good wander and spend our well earned money on fabby crafting goodies!!

We shopped till we were about to drop, which was lunch time!  So we went back to the car to drop off our shopping and to have lunch.  Once we were sufficiently re-hydrated and rested, we headed back into the SECC and went round the smaller hall which had the knitting, cross stitch, fabrics and jewellery making stalls.  After a brisk wander round there, we headed back into the large hall with the cardmaking stalls and continued our shopping expedition.  Come 5pm, we were shopped out and our purses were empty....well and truly empty!!

Back to the car we went and sorted out all our shopping bags so we could actually get into the car!  A quick bite to eat, courtesy of Cynthia (you could tell she was a Mum...a whole picnic including napkins, wipes, cutlery, cakes yogurts and so much more were waiting for us!  So kind of her!) and then we headed back up the road to Inverness.

We got back about 9.30 so it certainly was a full day of fun!  We're only sorry that we couldn't stay over the night before.  It's a long drive, and a long day for going down and back in the one day.  Hopefully we'll be able to arrange something for the next show in October!

Here are some photos of the crafty goodies I bought on the day!


  1. Wish I could have come and joined pennies left after our last visit to the SECC X

  2. Wish I could have come and joined pennies left after our last visit to the SECC X

  3. It was a fab day wasnt it - so great to catch up with the lads too. I have managed to tidy my craft room and put away all my new stash too - not much playing im afraid as had projects to do for the shop. I have booked my week off in october for the fayre week so we will get more organised for that. Thanks for your company on the trip - next time there will be singing !! x