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Saturday, 18 June 2011


Hiya Everyone

Gosh, where to I start?!  Things seem to be getting on top of me a bit at the mo.....

I'm going away next week, Tues - Thurs to Glasgow with my sister, Amy.  We're going down to stay with family and then on the Wednesday, we're going to see Take That in concert at Hampden Park, which is a big football stadium.  Really looking forward to it.

We get back on Thurs evening and then early on the Friday morning, I'm going away to Aberdeen with my great friend Gill McCall  to attend 2 crafting workshops.  The first one is on Friday and is with Amy Shaw.  We're staying down in the area and are going to another workshop on the Saturday with Debbi Moore.  Both Gill and I are really looking forward to the weekend.

I'm self employed and usually work Tues, Wed & Thurs from 9am-9pm.  As I'm away though, I'm working for a couple of hours on Monday morning.  Then I'm going to see my close friend Andrea in the afternoon.  She's been having some problems at work recently so think we're going to be having a good chat about what's happening and what she's going to do.  I think she may have handed in her notice, but I'm not sure.  I've also been asked by another friend to go with her to view a hotel she may be interested in buying.  I can't go though because I'm working so I feel I'm letting her down a bit.  But I did have my work commitments arranged before hand.  Then in the evening, I have my Slimming World class.  I usually stay for the full class, but think I'll just go and get weighed this week.

I've also got cards to make.  One for a close friend who's birthday is coming up soon!  She is does a LOT of crafting and is SO talented, so of course I want to make sure my card is top quality!  I've started it tonight  and it's probably 1/2 completed, but still have more to do.  Also have another friends card to make, projects for a blog hop on the 1st of July and a DT challenge for the 9th of July.  Added on to that approx. 200 cards to make for August for a village gala I've been asked if I want to sell my cards at!  I've made a schedule to make approx. 20 cards a week, starting from last Monday (13th June).  So far, I've made........0 !

I just cant seem to get motivated in one way or another, and I'm always tired!

Everyone who knows me will tell you I love my lists!  I quite often have a list of lists I have to make!!  But they don't even seem to be helping that much, and I tend to spend more time writing them rather than completing them!

My main aim for tomorrow, Sunday is to pack.  I think I'd be better packing 2 cases (just wee trolley cases) rather than have to unpack 1 on the Thurs night.  Also, the one I will take to Glasgow will be bigger than I need for the Aberdeen trip.

So that's me at the moment!

Any tips or advice?

Wish me luck!!  And send me lots of motivational wishes!

Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Lisa xxx

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  1. hey lisa!.....a tip...... take a moment to breathe! heehe x