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Saturday, 14 May 2011

Above All Else.....Believe In Yourself and Your Dreams

Came across this poem at my friends house.  No idea where she got it from, but I think it's lovely....

Above All Else.....Believe In Yourself and Your Dreams

As the dawn of each morning peers into your life,
there lies a path to follow.
Delicate whispers can be heard
if you listen to the sound of your heart
and the voice that speaks within you.

If you listen closely to your soul,
you will become aware of your dreams
that are yet to unfold.
You will discover that there lies within you
a voice of confidence and strength
that will prompt you to see a journey
and live a dream.

Within the depths of your mind,
the purpose and direction of your life
can be determined by listening intently
to the knowledge that you already possess.
Your heart, mind and soul
are the foundation of your success and happiness.

In the still of each passing moment,
may you come to understand that
you are capable of reaching a higher destiny.
When you come to believe
in all that you are
and all that you ca become,
there will be no cause for doubt.
Believe in your heart, for it offers hope.
Believe in your mind, for it offers direction.
Believe in your soul, for it offers strength.
But above all else.....believe in yourself and your dreams.

- Leslie Neilson

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