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Monday, 28 March 2011

Magic Number......So far anyway!

Hiya everyone. 

What a productive weekend I've had!  It's been great! 

As I've said previously, I'm in the process of making cards for a local Spring Fayre on Saturday 2nd April.  It's being held in Conon Bridge Primary School, Conon Bridge, to raise funds for the school.  Those selling things pay a small fee for the table and then any profit they make is their own.

So, in total, I have 96 cards made!  I've never had that many cards made at one time EVER!!  So I'm really chuffed.  They're not fancy, intricate or very special, but I'm happy with them.  I'm going to carry on making more cards over the next few days, not that I'm expecting to sell them all!  But it's good to have a supply!

So far I've got men's, women's, get well, new home, thank you, children's, Easter, mothers day, baby boy, congratulations and good luck.  I'm hoping to make anniversary, sympathy, baby girl, engagement, wedding day and miscellaneous. 

All the cards are either A6 or 5" square and I'm going to be selling them for £1 each.  So fingers crossed!

Once I've finished making the cards, I'll take some photos of them by themselves, in the display stand/baskets I'm going to be using and hopefully some photos of the table on the day.

I'm actually going to be sharing my table with a close friend.  She has coeliac disease, so can't eat wheat or gluten.  She's going to be making gluten free foods such as tablet, muffins, cakes and also some jams.  She makes one called cinnanna jam!  It's banana and cinnamon jam.  Sounds weird, but actually tastes not too bad!!  (if you fancy trying some, just get in touch with me and I'll arrange it, not sure how much she is charging for it.)

So that's my story for the moment, my magic number is 96!  If I post random numbers on my blog, you'll know what I mean!

Night night everyone, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite.

Lisa xxxx


  1. just wanted to let you know there is an award for you on my blog