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Sunday, 11 September 2011

It's Been A While!

It's been a while since I've blogged, so sorry about that.  

Here I am now though.

So, since the last time I blogged, I've had the village gala!  I had a stall selling my cards at it.  It was held in the local park in Conon Bridge and wow!  What a windy day it was!  

My sister Amy helped me set up in the morning.  There were already some stalls set up on one side of the park, but they were being faced with the wind coming straight at them, so the man organising the whole day suggested I go to the other side of the park.  Also, the next available stall space was next to someone who was also selling cards, so we didn't think it would be a great idea going next to them.

I borrowed a gazebo from my friend for the day, so Amy helped me set it up along with all my cards etc.  She then had to go away fora a short time.  Unfortunately, whilst she was away, the wind increased.  And boy oh boy, the gazebo did not like it!  It was swaying from side to side, the strings were breaking, the pegs were being pulled up from the ground and my cards started blowing away!!  It was a nightmare!!  The roof of the gazebo also started collapsing!  

Thankfully Amy and our Mum arrived back and they managed to dismantle the gazebo, with the help of some strapping young men!  Whilst I caught all my cards, packed everything away and then ran to another stall, one which was set up for someone else who didn't turn up.  

I eventually managed to get everything set up the way I wanted and was soon selling away!  I made £41.50 on the day.  I would have liked to have made a little bit more, but it's £41.50 I didn't have before hand.  I think I didn't make a bit more because of my location on the day.  There was a row of stalls on one side and on the other, there was a couple of game stalls for the kids and a bucking bronco too.  I was on that side with the games etc, so think it caused a bit of a problem.  I actually had a few people come up and say "Oh Lisa, you're here, I didn't think you were."  So I think next time, if I'm asked if I'd like a stall again, I'll just have to go where the other "selling" stalls are, and hope that my cards stand out more than anyone else who is selling.

Here are some photos from the day.  The majority of the photos are from my first stall - before the gazebo disaster!  Only got a couple of photos on the 2nd stall, but haven't got them yet - they're on my Dad's camera....and he's on holiday with it just now!

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  1. Breezy days and cards don't get on!I remember nearly losing a gazebo the one time I tried card sales at a stall. Well done, it sounds like you did very well sometimes sales at these things can be very poor indeed but you did well. Ger x.