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Sunday, 7 August 2011


What a lazy day I've had!  It's been great!  Managed to sleep in until 10am, then just relaxed in bed.  Managed to get up at 1pm for lunch, then made 2 cards, you can see them below.  Eventually got dressed at 6pm just before dinner!! 

It's been nice to just relax and not rush around like I tend to usually do.

So here are the cards I've made.  They are a request from someone who works with my sister.  A family friend has just had twins, a girl and a boy.  So there is a personalised card with the babies names, Brodie and Amber and the date they were born, 31.07.11. 

I used an A4 piece of white card and scored it into a gatefold card.  I covered each side of the gatefold with plain coloured card, a green and blue for Brodie's side and a pink and lilac for Ambers side.  I cut two pieces of gingham ribbon and attached each to the back of the coloured card.  I used two Kanban decoupage images of babies and attached to the card using 3D foam.  I then decorated each side with baby embellishments made from a cuttlebug die and ones from my stocks.  I also used small gems to decorate the card.  I used silver peel offs to spell out the babies names and the date of their birth.  I also printed the sentiment "Congratulations On The Birth Of Your Twins".

I also made a card for the grandparents of the babies.  For this card I made a DL card and covered it in pink and blue paper.  I then attached two Kanban decoupage baby images and attached them with 3D foam to the card.  I attached 2 pieces of white Card Candy and 4 adhesive gems to the card before finishing it with a printed sentiment which says "To The Proud Grandparents".

Tomorrow I'm hoping that I'll be able to get a good crafting day done.  Haven't had one in a long time so hopefully I'll get quite a bit done tomorrow, or if not this week!

Bye for now. xxx

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