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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Hard To Get Motivated....


How are you all?

Trying to get motivated to do more crafting today, but it's working out really hard to get motivated.  For a couple of reasons:

1)  I've got the cold and it's gone straight to my head today so I'm feeling really fuzzy and stuffy!
2)  I haven't done any cards for quite a few days
3)  I found out this morning that a really close friend has suffered a miscarriage.  It's so sad.  Fortunately she was just a few weeks gone but obviously it's an awful thing to happen at any time.  She's coping very well though and understands that it happened for a reason.  Hopefully they'll be able to try again soon.

So that's me.  Really need to get going with the cards I'm making for the gala in August.  It's about 4 weeks away now, on Aug 21st so not long.

Can you send me motivational wishes to get me going?

Ta muchly! 
lisa xxx

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