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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Spring Fayre

Hi Everybody.

Well I'm back and I survived the Spring Fayre.

What a mammoth task it was though for me.  Compared to other people, my total number of cards made was nothing, but I'm really chuffed with what I did.  I was so tired after though!

So 160 cards were made in total.  I went to the fayre with my friend Karen, as I mentioned before.  She was selling some homemade baking, some gluten free (Karen is a Coeliac so she cant eat wheat or gluten or foods containing these ingredients) and some with gluten in them.  She had a selection of crispie cakes, tablet, bounty slices, rock buns and marmalades.  They all looked delicious, and I know for sure that a lot of them tasted delicious too!

We were there for just over 2 hours.  I made £50 and Karen made £20.  We're both really pleased with that, however Karen would have liked to have made a bit more.  We think the fact that she was advertising some of the baking as gluten free scared people away, but we wanted to try and attract the gluten free people to the stall too.  It's quite difficult to get the right balance.

I was a wee bit disappointed on the day.  I was told by the lady organising the fayre that because I was selling handmade cards, she wouldn't take anyone else selling cards.  However there were 4 other people selling cards on their stalls.  One of which was a lady who I do not like or get on with, and she was right at the entrance (our tables were allocated when we arrived).  So as soon as people were coming into the hall where the fayre was being held, people were stopping at her stall and buying cards.  She was charging £1.50 for her cards and one of the other stalls were charging £2.50.  I was selling mine for £1 each, but had some individually priced from 50p (for small 4x4 cards) up to £1.50 for A5 sized.

Overall I'm really happy with the outcome.  Still have a lot of cards left, but at least it means I can have a break from card making (for selling) for a wee bit and concentrate on blogging and challenges for the design team for

So here are the photos I took during my preparation for the fayre.  We also took some photos on the day itself. 

Look forward to hearing your thoughts, good and bad!

Lisa xx

160 cards on my bed!

Another view of the cards (my dog teddy just HAD to get in the photo!)

Just some of the Easter cards I made

Our stall

This is me!


  1. Hi Lisa it's Jacki from Gill's group on FB you have been a busy little thing and what a horrid thing to do about the cards but that's the trouble with these fayresthe organisers don't care as long as the tables are filled and they get there money hubby and me used to do TY beanie fayres a few years ago and it was the same then and you will find the regulars get pref treatment.Well I am now a follower of yours yep thats my ugly mug on your followers list so at least you know what I look like now lol
    Jacki xx

  2. sorry forgot to say sorry about your westtie it's very hard when they have to leave us I used to have a yorkie when I was little and dress him in my dolls clothes and then put him in my dolls pram he loved it when I got older he used to jump in my saddle bag on my bike (not dressed up though lol)
    Jacki xx

  3. Wow Lisa, what a selection of cards. You must have been beavering away for ages. Well done. xx

  4. WOW misses thats a fantastic display of cards on your bed - oohh and love the duvet cover too!!
    It is horrible when that happens at fayres - look whats happened to me over the years, this is why i refuse to do those ones when you get folk who dont respect your product. I know fayres are all about lots of stalls with lots of products BUT if the organisers were worth it they would ensure that all stalls are different. Anyway you did very well overall, shame for Karen but any amount is better than no amount. When you take into account your fayre fee, insurance, product expenses, time to make etc and then see whats left £50 is good. Great to see the pics too.